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To whom it may concern,

Drip More is pleased to present our PMTA submissions to you!

Within each submission, there are seven modules - with many sub-modules - and extensive scientific and medical literature studies totaling thousands of pages. Our PMTA’s extensively reference several Tobacco Product Master Files (TPMF’s) - as per our FDA Lawyer. We have also submitted HPHC testing, environmental assessments, and have enrolled in a pre-clinical cytotoxicity in-vitro organic cell study while many others in the industry have not.

*Please see the attached PDF documents of our submitted files below.

Throughout the years, we have had an insurmountable network of support! So, today, Drip More would like to say "Thank You!" and today, we welcome the New Era of Vaping!

For any questions or orders please email Java@Dripmore.com or call (310) 756-7203.

For submission questions contact Adam Hurst adam@dripmore.com 951-537-8964 or Jessie Hurst, jessie@dripmore.com 909-363-5865


Brian Bereber
Drip More, LLC